May 5, 2011

Be Prepared With

As the mother of Cub Scouts, we have learned a lot about emergency preparedness.  In March we even had a visit from members of our local ESDA team come talk to us about it.  But I have to admit, I am SO not a planner like this.  I shop for one week at a time at the max, unless I find a great deal on a self stable item.  And we never have bottled water.  How are you at this?  Are you prepared for the worst?  Do you have a stash of bottled water? Or how about freeze dried food?

If you're like me, you've never even thought of keeping freeze dried food in your house.  But if you're interested in learning more about freeze dried food and even getting a free meal tasting you can visit to time to check it out.

Here's some information I found on freeze dried foods on

How to Buy Freeze Dried Foodsthumbnail 

Freeze dried foods are an amazingly delicious, culinarily superior product to dehydrated food. Some families include them in their regular meal plans; others store them for future needs.

Freeze dried meals are made from foods cooked as a dish or meal, many with seasonings and sauces, such as entrees, and are flash frozen before being transferred to a freeze-dry vacuum chamber where they are quickly processed to the freeze dried state.

Once dried, they have had 98% of their water removed and are then sealed into cans or mylar bags for long term storage. When sealed in cans, the food has a shelf life of 25-30 years, making it an excellent survival food.

Many American families are buying and storing freeze dried food for long-term emergencies, such as an financial loss, a Great Depression, nuclear attack, natural disaster, interruption in the food supply or other crisis.

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  1. I am slowly getting more dehydrated or freeze dried foods into the house. One of the downsides for living up in Alaska is that so much of our food is shipped thousands of miles to us. Should something happen to the shipping lanes, we'd be up a creek... So, I am constantly looking to build up a stash of shelf stable foods.


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