May 4, 2011

Top 5 American Idol Contestants

This is the first week that the Idol contestants performed 2 solo songs each.  I enjoy seeing a little extra from each of them in one night.

I was excited to see Sheryl Crow working with the contestants this week.  I love her. (And am totally jealous that one of my good friends is going to see her in concert next week at a very intimate venue.)
And I think she did some great things with the contestants.

Haley Reinhart

First Song: "You And I"
This is a song from Lady Gaga that isn't released yet.  Sheryl Crow thought this song was going to give her a 'real moment.'  But as much as I thought she did well, as she usually does, I didn't see the moment.  And neither did Jennifer Lopez.  

Second Song: "House of the Rising Sun"
Haley started this song a cappella which I think may be the first time anyone has gone a cappella this season since voting began.  She did a great job.  She has such a beautiful, power voice.  Randy voted her the best of the night!

James Durbin

First Song:"Closer To The Edge" 
As with most of James' choices this wasn't a song I was familiar with.  And honestly I think it was one of his shakier vocal performances.  As always he worked the crowd and performed it well.  But his voice just sounded strained to me.  But the judges loved it.

Second Song: "Without You"
This is such a powerful song and he clearly connects very deeply to it.  I LOVED this softer side of him, with him just singing with the microphone and the piano behind him.  He really has an amazing voice!  I think it was a GREAT come back from the first song!  And I was amazed that he held it together just long enough to finish the song, tears in his eyes and all.   That man is filled with some serious love for his family.

Jacob Lusk
First Song: "No Air"
I was a huge fan of Jordan Sparks when she was on Idol and LOVED this song.  It is supposed to be a duet and according to Jimmy Iovine it's really hard to do both parts of a duet.  First of all, half of the time it sounded to me like he was saying "no hair."  Other than that, I did like it and was glad that he finally picked something more current AND recordable!  But Randy didn't think it was the right fit at all.
Second Song: "Love Hurts"
Jimmy and Sheryl Crow pushed Jacob to reach outside of his genre to do this song.  I don't know that he really left his genre so much as took a rock song and made it gospel-y.  I think he did well.  But I'm just not sure it was enough.  Personally he is my least favorite of the group at this point by quite a bit.

Lauren Alaina

First Song: "Flat On The Floor"
I LOVED it!  It was powerful and fun!  She did a really great job with a song that was really well suited for her.

Second Song:"Unchained Melody"
This is big song and very different from her first song of the evening.  There were a few spots where I didn't like what she did with it.  But she made it her own and she did really well overall.  Judges had nothing but good things to say to her!

Scotty McCreery
First Song: "Gone"
I love that each week he is stepping just a little farther out of what was previously his comfort zone but without betraying who he is.  I really liked this!  He rocked out tonight!  And the judges loved it too.  So happy for him.  I loved him from the very beginning but he has grown so much and is proving that he is worthy of still being there!

Second Song: "Always On My Mind"
This is a classic country song.  I think he did this song proud.  I loved his look and the feel of him singing it from the stool.  I don't know that it was technically perfect, but I sure hope it is enough to get him through for another week!

I really can't even guess what will happen this week.  My hope would be for Jacob to go home, if not him my next pick would be Haley, who I like but just not as much as the other three.  I'm still nervous because Scotty was in the bottom two last week!!  I really want James, Lauren and Scotty to be the Top 3.
And in case you needed more reasons to love these contestants, check out these baby photos of the Top 5!

Photos courtesy of American Idol online.


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