May 16, 2011

Good Night, Sleep Tight

similar to what we have
You may have heard me complain about the size of our house before.  I grew up in a similar sized house but it was just me and my mom.  With a family of 5 it's a tight squeeze. 

One way we've dealt with the limited space is by having all the boys (yup 3 of them) share a room leaving the third bedroom as a office/whatever else we need room).  I originally thought this was an insane plan.  But the older boys have had bunk beds since they were pretty little.   They have a great set of full over full bunk beds
 that allows us to turn the lower bed out and place a dresser under the upper bed as well.  This really doesn't make much difference space wise but as we moved each of the boys into the bottom bunk around 2 year old, it makes getting to them when they've had a bad dream or sick, etc so much easier.  I can even sit and read with them that way which I don't think I could possibly do comfortably in the standard layout.  You could also do this with many twin over full bunk beds style as the lower bed sticks out farther.  I will admit that there are some nights when there is an excessive amount of giggling and I check in on them to find Bryan standing on his bed reaching up to Johnny in his bed.  But thankfully that doesn't happen very often.  And now I'm just left to wonder how much longer it will be until someone stops enjoying sharing a room and wants some privacy.

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  1. I hear ya on space!! We have 3 bedrooms here which is great, but with 2 boys and 1 girl space is limited:) Our boys have bunk beds too and they love them. I love the space it saves. It really does give them more room to enjoy their bedroom. Although now that my oldest is going on 7 I too wonder when the day will come that he will say he doesn't want to share a room anymore. Unfortunately I think it is just always going to be that way. I don't foresee us ever moving to a home with 4 bedrooms. My daughter will always be the lucky one with her own bedroom, but in some respects I think this is totally fair. Not only because she's a girl but let's face it; when she becomes a teenager who in their right mind would want to share a room? HA!
    I do think that them sharing a room is good for them in a lot of ways. I knew way too many people when I went away to college who had never shared a room and you could tell; all they did was complain about the lack of space and their roommate:)


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