May 19, 2011

I Never Have Anything To Wear

There was a time in my life where I got dressed up and wore real shoes and pantyhose to work everyday. I could very easily find something in my closet for any occassion with very little notice.  But now I've worked a small office for a construction company where no one even sees me most days for over 12 years. My business wardrobe is barely a faint memory. And being a mom of three boys, I tend to put them first, including their wardrobe.  I have decided that the way THEY look says more about me, than the way I look. Which is all well and good until I am getting ready for an event...alone. This has been happening more and more and I am pretty sure that the ladies who I see fairly regularly at these events are getting pretty tired of seeing the same 3 cute tops I own.
This Tuesday I'll be heading to Chicago to celebrate the book launch with a ton of my amazing blogger friends and I have NO clue what I'll wear.  I am also already begining to stress out over my wardrobe needs for BlogHer in August. You see I've learned that there is a very small category of items that meet all my requirements. I am not super conservative by any means but I've learned that for these events I need to start thinking about more modest clothing choices because while hanging out with great friends, hustling for the train and often hauling some great swag, I've come very near to a wardrobe malfunction more than once.
I'm thinking it might even be time to breakdown and add something besides pants into my wardrobe selection. It'll be quite a leap for me, but I think this new exciting semi-professional event schedule is simply going to demand I invest in a few cheap skirts and modest dresses (just not TOO modest).

Stay tuned as I plan to chronicle my wardrobe drama through BlogHer. 

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  1. Don't stress about BlogHer clothes. I wore khaki or jean capris to the expo and out I wore leggings and nice jeans or a jean skirt. Many people were not dressed up while a few were overtly dressed up. For the parties I pretty much wore a dressy shirt and jeans. You want to be comfortable because each day is packed from 8 am - 1 am and there is not a lot of time to change and get ready. Believe me there are so many people you won't stand out as not dressed up enough!

    I am still hoping to go, I have my ticket but I am due July 20th so we'll see. I will also be at the boat cruise next week!


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