May 18, 2011

Top 3 American Idol Contestants Take on 3 Songs Each

This week American Idol's Top 3 each sing three songs.  Clearly a true Idol will need to be able to perform a full set of songs but I can't even imagine having to learn three songs PLUS they each had their hometown visit this past weekend.
They each sang a song of their choice, a song Jimmy Iovine chose and a song the judges chose for them.

Haley Reinhart

First Song: "What Is and What Should Never Be"
Haley grabbed herself a standing ovation from Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson for this performance.  Despite a fall and a resulting missed line or two, she came back to finis this big song strong.  Jennifer Lopez thought that Haley's jog around the judges to have created a moment and I guess, therefor was worth the ending slip but I just thought it looked awkward as we was literally just running around them.  I didn't love the song but thought it was a great performance and I loved that she was able to get her dad to play guitar for the song.

Second Song: "Rhiannon"
I LOVE Stevie Nicks which I guess makes it a little ironic that I have not always been a huge fan of Haley's because she has a very similar voice.  But I loved everything about this performance, from the look of it with the dress and her hair blowing "in the wind" to her vocals.  I think if she did nothing but Stevie Nicks songs, I would always love her.

Third Song: "You Oughtta Know"
I am also an Alanis fan as this album came out my freshman year in college, we listened to it nostop for months.  I really wasn't sure how she would do with this song and it wasn't flawless but she did well.   I think she was trying to cover too much of the stage for some reason tonight and she'd have done better if she just calmed down a bit.  But the chorus was super strong.

Lauren Alaina

First Song: "Wild One"
You know I have loved Lauren since the beginning and I LOVE me some Faith Hill but although the judges LOVED her performance I thought it felt off from the start.  I don't know why but it felt rushed for me.  I think she did a good job but it just felt like the tempo was just a little too fast or something and she was trying to catch up with it the whole time. 

Second Song:"If I Die Young"
I think Lauren came out a little frazzled after knowing millions of people saw her getting her legs made up after ripping her nylons.  Jennifer Lopez thought she got a little lost in the emotion but got right back in it but I think it could have easily been nerves too.  Either way, I think she still had a strong performance and I didn't hear the 'little pitch problems" Randy heard.

Third Song: "I Hope You Dance"
This is one of my all time favorite song and it almost always makes me cry as I think of all the things I want for my boys lives.  It is a BIG song that has the potential to be either a big success or a big flop.  I was surprised that Lauren changed it up a little hear and there to make it her own.  But I think she totally nailed it!  She looked beautiful and sounded even more beautiful. And she even gave Jennifer Lopez goose bumps!

Scotty McCreery

First Song: "Amazed"
I thought that Scotty did amazingly well with this song.  It's a great song and higher than his standard picks but he killed it.  With each week he has been stepping it up and proving he can do more than just that beautiful low tone.
Second Song:"Are You Gonna Kiss Me"
I hadn't heard this song before but it was a great one and Scotty was soo in the moment you can almost forget that he is so young.  He sang it well and performed it even better.  Randy Jackson actually compared him to Garth Brooks and, in my book, there is no greater compliment to a singer with any county influence because Garth puts on the most amazing concerts EVER. 

Third Song: "She Believes In Me"
This is the type of old school country my mom listened to when I was little.It had the potential to sort of round out the evening for Scotty as it was a quieter song.  But I thought it had some weak spots.  The judges totally disagreed.  I hope the rest of America agrees with the judges because I really want to see him in the finals!

Ryan Seacrest asked the judges who won round one and got a unanimous Haley.  For round two, Steven said Lauren and Jennifer and Randy said Scotty.  Steven Tyler gave round three to Haley.   Randy and JLo gave it to Lauren.  I'd say it's pretty much up in the air overall based on that.  I really don't think I can even guess at who the top two will be.  My personal choice, in case you haven't been paying attention all along, would be Scotty and Lauren.  But I have to say Haley has done much to win me over.  I just can't get over the adorable personalities of the two southern 'kids.'

Either way I can't wait until the finale next week. I think this is the most excited I've been for a finale in a long time.  Remember, next week the performances are on Tuesday and the results on Wednesday!

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Photos courtesy of American Idol online.

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  1. LOL I was waiting for your post patiently! :)

    I totally agree with your comments!

    They all came out strong tonight...all "in it to win it"

    My vote is for the girls :)


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