May 11, 2011

Top 4 American Idol Contestants Sing To Go Home Heroes

This week's show opened with a reminder that the three that make it through this elimination will be going back visit their hometowns to a heroes welcome.  

And the Top Four contestants were coached this week by Lady Gaga.  She looked very unique, as usual as worked with the contestants.  But she definitely had some great words of wisdom.

Haley Reinhart

First Song: "The Earth Song"
I don't think I've ever heard this Michael Jackson song before.  I didn't really like the song that much and thought it was too much growling for my taste.  However, Casey was in the audience and clearly really liked it.  Did I mention that I think there's something going on there? Well, I do!  Randy and Jennifer Lopez agreed with me but Steven Tyler disagreed.

Second Song: "I Who Have Nothing"
Another song I didn't know.   I had to look it up to find out Tom Jones and Luther Vandross among others have recorded it.  What can I say, I must live under a rock every now and then.  I think she did really well vocally.  But I didn't find it as earth shattering as the judges who gave her a standing ovation and Jennifer called it the best performance of the season.

James Durbin

First Song: "Don't Stop Believing"
Not only do I KNOW this song, a rarity for James, but I LOVE it.  There were a couple spots I thought something was a little off but overall I thought he killed it.  I love that he even rocked the Journey T-shirt and it got a big thumbs up from former Journey bass player, Randy Jackson.  And he had me cracking up with his fishy faces while Ryan Seacrest gave out the phone numbers for voting.  Not sure if his little one was in the audience or what but he was clearly paying attention to someone in particular but they didn't show who.

Second Song:"Love Potion Number Nine"
This song always makes me think of a lip sync show our junior high did each year because some of my friends performed to this song.  Sorry girls, but James did it MUCH better.  It was a very rock version and went back to the hard core stuff James hadn't really done in a couple weeks.  I loved how he played with the crowd at the end.   

Lauren Alaina

First Song: "Anyway"
Ryan described this song as a contemporary country classic...I'm not sure that contemporary and classic are supposed to go together.   I was suprised to hear that she was taking on a Martina McBride song as Martina has a BIG 'ole voice.  I don't think this is a song Lauren would have been brave enough for just a couple weeks ago.  But I thikn she did a great job with this song she was dedicating to everyone 'back home' who'd been affected by the recent tornados.  The judges were unanimous in their love of her performance.

Second Song: "Trouble"
I loved her innocence in not even wanted to sing the lyrics "I'm Evil," but I didn't understand why she would even pick a song she had objection too.  But luckily Lady Gaga talked her through it and she was able pull it off well.  As Jennifer Lopez pointed out, Lauren really pulled out the performance quality as well as the vocals in this song.  Lauren said this song was really outside of her comfort zone but she tackled it head on and won.

Scotty McCreery

First Song: "Where Were You When The World Stopped Turning"
This song always brought me to tears when I heard it on the radio.  And Scotty did it proud.  I had chills before the end of the first line.  He did change it up just a little in a couple spots and I loved what he did with it.  But I do still worry whether is was the right song choice.  I'm hoping the timeliness of it with the recent developments will revive the love for this song and equal lots of votes.  I was prepared for the judges to not like the song selection but they all had very positive things to say!
Second Song: "Young Blood"
This wasn't a song I knew but thought it was fun.  It showed a lighter, fun side of Scotty.  But it also played a little with his range vocally.  I love his stage presence and think he will really do amazing things whether he wins or not!

After all four performed their first song, Ryan asked the judges who won round one.  No one would pick a winner but Randy said Haley was the one lagging and needing to step up her game in the second round.

Photos courtesy of American Idol online.


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