May 1, 2011

World of Whirlpool Bloggers Event

The World of Whirlpool is a gorgeous space designed to showcase the latest and greatest products from Whirlpool, Maytag, Kitchen Aid, Jennair and Gladiator.  It also celebrates the 100th anniversary of Whirlpool which they will hit this year!

Here is my World of Whirlpool experience in pictures. 
Yes we can!
Great board room with a ton of personality from the exposed structural features of the clock tower.

the view from the conference room

A great lounge with TV and video games!

the view from the lounge

the view from the top of the clock tower

a small group of the bloggers who attended the event
one of the many amazing kitchen in the World of Whirlpool. this one showcasing built in appliances
kitchen featuring stand alone appliances
look at this gorgeous dishwasher.  I mean mine (hubby) is handsome and all but this...ah THIS is love.

the new colors of Kitchaid stand mixers!!

the ORGINGAL Kitchenaid stand mixer!  note if you have one of these in YOUR kitchen all the the attachments made today will STILL work with this model!!!

new slow cooker coming out with a great divided lid feature that makes for easy serving

another kitchen showcase I'm totally jealous of

more kitchen appliances

Gladiator organizer products.  I could SOOO use this.  If only someone will build us a garage first

more Gladiator
then they fed us an amazing lunch!! YUM!
risoto and grilled chicken cesar salad
delicious ham (I think) panini

the most amazing mac n cheese EVER

It was raining while we were there but I was still eying up the great outdoor kitchen stuff!!

Then we learned some stuff from the experts.

I had no idea how much difference a pan makes.  All these cookies were identical except the baking sheet.

Then we learned about induction cooking.  I so don't 'get it' but it is amazing.  Immediately after removing a pot of boiling water she was able to tap the burner which was just 'slightly warm.'
Induction cooking create this shrimp very quickly.

more dream outdoor kitchen stuff!
I learned a lot from the laundry expert, Tre.
We learned that worst stains are the ones we don't see...until it's too late.

consider this my mother's day wish list!!
I learned the RIGHT way to pretreat a stain and that the right type and amount of detergent is KEY!

And we ended the afternoon with some yummy dessert.


  1. I need that slow cooker. It is so cool...And those kitchens...I love kitchens. So what is the correct way to pretreat a stain?

  2. How did you visit heaven??? ;)

  3. That is so cool! I can't wait to attend some events like that. Thanks for sharing it!

  4. Oh my goodness, looks like you all had a wonderful time!!!

  5. I recognize a few of you there! And Chicago...oh how I miss Chicago!!!

    PS. Going to kill my BF. He canceled out of BlogHer, so I could have roomed with you! JERK!

  6. I need that first kitchen in my house.

    Looks like an amazing time.

  7. WOW your pictuers are great PLEASE SEND me the one of all of us and the clock tower
    It was so wonderful to met you hope we can all get together again soon.

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