Apr 30, 2011

iGo Charger is PErfect When I'm On the Go

This Tuesday, I took the day off work and headed downtown to the brand new World of Whirlpool for a day of learning and fun. It's just been recently that I've discovered that I can go to these events in the city failry easy via train.  I refuse to drive into the city so in the past I just declined any offers that didn't include my family (and there for 'driver' hubby).  I love the freedom taking the train gives me...mostly!
One thing I've found is that my smart phone can't handle these outings where I'm away from a charger for so many hours.  
I'm looking into other phone options because my phones battery life is SO bad but no thanks to my iGo portable charger, at least I can have a back up in case I need the phone.  On this recent trip down down my battery died before the end of the event and I was able to plug in my iGo charger and let my husband know I'd made it onto the train and was heading home!

I got this charger for the purpose of charging on the go. But it really is useful in other ways.  It can be used as a traditional wall charger for TWO devices at once.
This is handy because my husband and I are always fighting over the charger we have in the living room near the couch.  

There are other less expensive portable chargers and while I haven't tried any others I know some use standard AA batteries which I would image would make them heavier than the iGo which really is very light.  And I didn't notice any other chargers that would charger a device (let alone two) while plugged into the wall AND still be charging the unit at the same time for portable use.

Disclosure: I was given this complimentary product for review purposes. All opinions expressed are my own honest, personal feedback.


  1. sounds like a great product - thanks for the review

  2. I really need to get one of those. Thanks!


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