Jun 30, 2011

Hello Mutha, Hello Fatha...

Sunday morning, two two handsome guys and I got up bright and early with a car full of suitcases and sleeping bags.  After spending hours labeling every piece of clothing, toiletries and linens they would be taking on Saturday, my boys were ready for their first time going away to camp.  I think we were all a little bit nervous but they had each other and my younger brother works at the camp full time so he'd be there too.
So off they went, five ours away for 4 nights.  Because my brother is there I had the benefit of being able to check in (briefly) via text to hear they were doing well each day.  And thanks to facebook and the camp's page, I was able to see a handful of photos of what they were doing.

Last night I came home to some special mail. Letters from camp!  I MAY have teared up a little, but since there was no witnesses, I'll never tell!


  1. Now that stinking song is in my head, Thanks! LOL

  2. nice collection thanks for sharing this picture i like this


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