Jul 1, 2011

Soccer Mom Series: Let Them Find Their Niche

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I must admit that the visions I had of motherhood when I was younger, never really included having sons.  Yet, I was blessed with THREE boys.  There's not a bow or ruffle to be found in our house.  But I honestly LOVE being a mom to boys.  I could always do with a little less noise and dirt, but I guess it comes with the territory.
But the sports part, that, I love.  I have always loved sports, but my complete lack of coordination prevented me from ever being good at them.  I love going to sporting events, whether they are ameture or professional.  I am one of those people who gets totally into and have been known to lose my voice from my enthusiact (and possibly loud) support of my team.

So when my oldest started showing a love for baseball before he even turned two, I was in heaven.  He showed some serious natural talent to go with his enjoyment too.  Since I had spent my entire life watching baseball, I was thrilled to nuture this passion.  We played for hours at a time in the yard until the summer he was 4 and was able to start playing tball (although tball was actually tricky for him since he'd been hitting pitched balls for several years already). 
My next son clearly never had the same intense love for it, or the natural ability.  But he didn't want to be left out so the next year when he was old enough, they played tball on the same team.  He swore he was having fun but never really seemed into it at all. So each following year we'd ask again if he wanted to play and he always insisted he did.  He played for three years before deciding this year that he was done, and I have to admit I was a little releaved!

 But a little over a year ago, he began asking about playing soccer.  Our park district didn't offer it and the local group (AYSO) that did seemed expensive.  So we tried a rec center just over the border in WI in the winter of 2009 that had indoor soccer for a few weeks.  I realized quickly that I had NO clue about any of the rules of soccer.  But he had a great time and when the session was over he wanted to know when he could play again.  So last fall I signed him up for AYSO.  He played his little heart out.  It was like he was a totally different child.  Then with this spring season he got stronger and quicker and better.  He scored multiple goals and had a ton of fun doing it. I am still completely lost on some of the rules, goal kick, corner kick' penalty kick...it's still all foreign to me.  But we're learning together!  He's getting outside, getting moving and most of all having fun.  And it's so much fun to see the joy it brings him.

While it would be a ton easier if the boys played the same sports, I can't force them to enjoy something just because it would be easier.  If you have a child in sports and they aren't thriving, let them try something different.  The chances of them becoming an Olympic athlete in ANY sport is slim, but the chance of them finding something they LOVE to do is priceless. 

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  1. AYSO is great for kids to learn and have fun. Of course I am a little biased. If you want help understanding rules I'm available. I have great resources available.


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