Jun 14, 2011

Summertime Is Here Again

It's that time of year when you can catch the smell of a neighbor barbecuing on the breeze.   I am not a fan of cooking ever but when it gets warm outside, the idea of cranking up the oven is totally disgutsting.  
When I was growing up we always had grills made by weber.  During the years that it was just my mom and I she often tried to grill but it was totally not here thing.  The meat off the grill was seriously hard to distinguish from the charcoal brickettes.  When she remarried, we always had a variety of cheap grills, of more than one that my stepdad used to make some of the most amazing meals ever.  To this day he still makes some of the best meat on the grill as well as a favorite of my kids and I, corn on the cob dipped in melted butter and the whole thing, like at the fair.  Summer just isn't summer until I have had some good corn on the cob.
Tonight, we cranked up our own, hand-me down gas grill and make some great hotdogs.  Well, I guess 'we' is a lose term as I didn't step foot outside but I DID make some mac n cheese to go with them.
While I personally prefer the gas grill if I AM the one that has to use it, it just scares me less with no lighter fluid involved etc.  But when the time comes when we have to buy a new grill I will seriously look into brinkmann grills which makes some great all in one units that can be used as an LP gas water smoker, gas grill, charcoal water smoker, charcoal grill or 160,000 BTU gas cooker.  

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