Jul 5, 2011

My Little All Star

Late Friday we got a call from my son's baseball coach, he had been chosen to play in the All Star Game for his league.  Thankfully, we hadn't made plans for the 4th of July and we happily agreed that Timmy would be there.  Playing a year up for his age and being in the All Star game, even if there are only 4 teams to chose from, is pretty cool.  However, the weather was anything but cool.  We had some friends and family come out to support Timmy and many of us ended up with some sunburns.  But despite his team's loss and his own strike out (he only got one at bat) I'm sure it will be a great memory to even have been picked to play.
He's All Star in our book no matter what!


  1. Man I wish he could have got at bat more I am sure he would have knocked the second one out of the park.. It was miserable hot here, thankfully the place we went had open pool..

  2. Congrats to your boy! My brothers still remember when they were chosen as All Stars.


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