Jul 5, 2011

Skydeck Chicago Ambassador

 Last Monday I went downtown to check out Skydeck Chicago for the first time in YEARS.  I had the pleasure of getting a personal tour from the General Manager, Randy Stancik and I have to say I am honestly in love with this breath taking local attraction.

While at Skydeck Chicago, I had the pleasure to get out on "The Ledge" for my first time.  Well I think it was my first through 5th or 6th.  Once I overcame the initial fear (and proved to my brain that I would not in fact plumet 103 stories to my death) I couldn't get enough of it.

My new found love for this gorgeous view, is courtesy to my ambassadorship for Skydeck Chicago.  For the next two months I will be in a friendly competition with 3 other amazing ladies to earn a cool private party at Skydeck Chicago.

As part of this competition I would like to ask you all to like my ambassador page on Skydeck Chicago's facebook page. (click HERE for FB page)  If you are on Twitter, I would love your regular Tweets that include my personal competition hashtag #LisaSkydeck.   Tweet this! If you're up for asking your followers to like the facebook page via tweet WITH my hashtag, well that would be amazing and appreciated.  I will be giving away pairs of tickets to Skydeck Chicago so if you're interested in those be sure to watch my Twitter account.

And lastly, if you're local or coming to Chicago this summer and may be considering visiting Skydeck Chicago, let me know and I will give you some tickets that you can drop off when you go for a chance to win a 4-pack of tickets directly from Skydeck Chicago. 

Here is a brief pictorial of my visit to Skydeck Chicago.


  1. Great pictures!!! I'd love to visit the Skydeck this Summer!

  2. That view is amazing! My family and I will be right where you're standing on Friday. :)

    Do you by chance know if they offer discounts or promo codes if you buy the tickets online?

  3. beautiful images...congrats and good luck!!! don't think i could stand on that glass deck!!!

  4. Awesome pics! I don't think I could go out there though... walking too close to the glass railings at the mall makes me nervous, ROFL!


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