Jul 26, 2011

My Mom Would Have Been 60 Today!

Today, my beautiful mother would have turned 60 years old.  For her 50th birthday we worked hard to plan a surprise party, I'm still not sure if she was REALLY surprised at all.  She wasn't one to enjoy all the fussing over her, but I am really glad we took the chance to celebrate that milestone for her. Especially glad considering she isn't here today to celebrate her 60th birthday.

This is her second birthday apart from us and while I do think the everyday part of life has become easier. I don't have to catch myself any longer about to pick up the phone to call her and tell her about my kids latest and greatest accomplishments or attempting to get help in the kitchen.  I still miss her like crazy.  But today will be a little tougher. 

When I was little, 60 seemed super old.  But it's not! I look around at all the things that other people in their 60 are doing and I know that she had a lot of life left to live if it hadn't been for the damn cancer.
These photos, which I've used a TON here on my blog are from the last summer she was with us.  It was a party planned after she'd stopped all treatments and we KNEW it would be her last summer with us.  I had specifically asked permission before hand to take photos of her and the boys.  I KNEW these would be the last photos I would have of them with her. I didn't get any photos of me with her that day, I don't know why exactly, but I think I was just so focused on capturing THESE moments for THEM, and I never  felt the need to capture our bond. It was real and there was and is no chance of me forgetting it.  

So today, I will celebrate the 58 years of her life and the 32 amazing years I got to have here with me.

Love and miss you!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


  1. This was a really great post in memory of your mother. I'm sorry she was taken away so soon.

  2. Lisa ((((hugs))) I'm so sorry that you lost your mom. It's just not fair.

  3. Geez. Nothing like putting life in perspective. Happy 60th to your mom! Until you two meet again. Those pictures are beautiful and I am so glad you caught them for yourself. The ONE thing cancer offers is the chance to soak up your loved ones.

  4. A lovely post and a lovely tribute to your mom.



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