Jul 11, 2011

OVALTINE® Awesome Wholesome Backyard Party

Thanks to Ovaltine, our family recently hosted a Awesome Wholesome Backyard Party. At this party we were able to share Ovaltine with some great friends while also benefiting a great cause. Ovaltine generously donated $250 to a summer camp program of my choice. My kids were blessed to be able to go to summer camp thanks to their generous grandparents but I know MANY in our area simply have to no way to ever make it to camp. So I chose a program based in Chicago that works to give some kids that would never have the chance otherwise to attend camp during the summer.  But this group also does so much more too!

Camp of Dreams 


Mission and Programs


Our mission is to prepare underserved, low-income young people to reach their full potential through the development of life skills, knowledge, and cultural enrichment.

Look at all the great stuff Ovaltine sent to make our Backyard Party delicious and fun!

 We made Ovaltine Chocolate Milk, Chocolate Malt and Classic Malt.  The kids all loved it and I have to say I tried it for the first time and I liked it too.  My kids have drank a ton of it since our party to and since our Dr told me long ago that chocolate milk is ok because it IS still milk, I still feel even better knowing theres more good stuff in Ovaltine than in the syrups we used to use.

The Ovaltine powder seems thick and chunky but I was amazed how easily it mixed up.  Even the kids made their own just with a straw and look how dark it gets within a few seconds.  He looks pretty happy with his chocolate milk, doesn't he?
 I also made an Ovaltine dip for our party that was a BIG hit!
Serve with graham crackers, vanilla wafers or fruit for a great sweet treat.

The kids really got INTO the dip!

Timmy decided we should try the dip on pound cake...

Oh and what about on strawberries...

Disclosure: I was given a stipend for the cost of this party in addition to party favors and the donation made to the camp through GiveBack.org in my name.  All opinions expressed are my own honest personal feedback.


  1. Ovaltine is the only chocolate milk served here on The Avenue

  2. Yum! Looks like my kind of party : )

  3. I grew up having Ovaltine all the time! I had no idea you could do other things with it besides making milk!

  4. Now that looked like a yummy party!!

  5. I want and need to try that dip!

  6. Oh that stuff looks so good! I haven't had Ovaltine in ages...I think it's time to revisit it!

  7. This party looks super fun! I can't wait to try New Ovaltine.

    I replied to your email Lisa. :)


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