Jul 2, 2011

Sending Kids To Camp

I have to admit that when the idea of sending the boys away to camp for 4 nights, I didn't give much thought to it being hard on me.  I worried about how much trouble their meds would be for the volunteer staff. Or about how they would handle themselves for 5 days without us, since they haven't been away for more than a few hours for a single night.  I worried about little things like would they have to sleep in the dark, and if they did if they could handle it.
But it WAS hard.  This year the boys were able to go to camp together as they were just the right ages to go to the same camp session.  And my younger brother works at the camp all summer as the waterfront director so while they'd have him and since he's in college and works at camp all summer, this would probably the most they've seen him...ever.  So aside from sending them to a camp I'd never been to personally, this was about as good as it gets when it comes to sending your kids off...'alone' without us.
However, I still worried.  And I missed them A LOT! Even with an ever needy 3 year old, the house felt very quiet.  I checked in via text each evening with my brother and the camp even has a facebook page where they posted a few photos each night.
But I have still never been so happy to see them.  And I don't think I was alone in that feeling on that sidewalk as a group of parents gathered to welcome home their kids.
Timmy in his pj pants because 'his cabin leader said he could' and he wanted to be comfy.  Yeah like mama like son.

Johnny, who I'm fairly sure never actually changed his clothes aside from his t-shirt which his brother bought him the first day they were there.

Oh and according to my kids I am the coolest camp parent ever because I sent the most awesome care packages.  So maybe I'll do a post just about those too but I forgot to take photos before I taped them up.

Disclosure: My father and stepmom were generous enough to send the boys to the camp owned by their church. We will be eternally grateful for the memories they will have from camp forever!


  1. What a good mama for sending such awesome care packages!!

  2. I think you did the right thing to send your boys for camping outside as it is a very healthful activity and also the children learn lots of things from camping.I know its hard for you to separate your kids but it is good for them.

  3. I always wanted to send my girls to camps, but it was never in the cards. That is so cool that you are able to and the care packages? Awesomeness! hahaha


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