Aug 22, 2011

AboutOne Review and Giveaway

I truly believe that some people are born with or without the organizational gene. I personally seem to lack this gene.  And this has caused more and more issues as the years go on, I have more children and said children not only bring in additional paper work and general STUFF but also require more paperwork.  I can't even count how many times I've had to call their Dr's office to get a copy of their physical form or immunizations.  It's sort of embarrassing really.  And usually within the week of requesting the copy I will find the original, sometimes in a totally logical place, sometimes notsomuch. 

This year as we prepared for school registration (yes our school register very late due to a high turnover rate) I was lucky in that I needed no physical forms, no dental forms etc.  But I am still very aware of my need for a system that really works for our family. 

Last year before the school year started I was trying to figure out how to get organized and purchased a small folder sized organizer for all the school stuff that came home.  But I found that we just shoved everything in there and then still forgot about things like book fairs, or reading logs.  

As a mom who spends a ton of her day on te computer and online, I'm not sure why I haven't turned to digital options soon.  I was recently introduced to AboutOne and I will admit that when I was skeptical about this site which claims to be a digital filing system and more. The truth is there are a lot of sites out there that claim life changing organization.  But honestly most I've visited would only help someone who's already organized.  Now, mind you , I consider myself an intelligent person, so I in now way think that a lack of organization equals a lack of intelligence.  It's just that gene, it keeps me from successfully staying organized, or even really starting to get organized.  But AboutOne will really walk you through some great steps to show you how to declutter and really put all your information, much you never even thought about digitally organizing before, in one easy to use place.

Whether you have children or furry babies, whether they are in preschool or heading off to college, I think AboutOne will help you manage your life.  With amazing features for babysitters or caregivers you can have each of your child's health information, Dr and insurance information all in one easy to access place.  In the education area you can easily track the information for each school year for each of your children and review it at a glance.  I see this being great for all parents but especially parents of children with special needs.  There is also features for vehicle information and maintenance.  Something I know my husband wished I was more organized about.

There is also a milestone tracker for each family member so you can easily add notes about any accomplishments you want to be sure to remember.  If your kids are older you might over look this feature thinking you're past the first steps, first smile phase of life.  But what about first time making Honor Roll, first home run etc.  There will always be milestones to remember!

And as a family who has experienced a home theft, we will be using the possessions feature to record any larger value items.  This feature allows you to keep the information that an insurance adjuster will want to know if you need to file a claim but that very few people ever take the chance to record including purchase information (date, place price) serial number and a photo.  Trust me this is one of those things you might feel like is a waste of time because you very well may never have to use it, but IF you do, you will be so so glad you took the time.

Company overview
Founded in December 2008, AboutOne is a secure online family management system that makes it easier for families to manage daily life by providing a centralized location in which to quickly and easily store and manage beloved family memories and vital household information. Family members can access this information anytime—at home or away, from any web-enabled device.

AboutOne is running a giveaway at the moment. Below are there contest rules.

  • Mandatory contest entry: sign up for AboutOne free trial (absolutely no credit card info required). You must sign up for the free trial through this link to be eligible. The 17 day Free Passport gives you 17 full days of usage with no expiration date (requires no credit card information). Use each of your 17 days whenever you like. Our Yearly Plan gives you a full year of access to AboutOne for the low price of $30 per year.

Disclosure: I was compensated by the Global Influence Network for participation in this program. My opinions are my own.


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