Aug 23, 2011

What are YOU Watching? {Sponsored}

Seven years ago when we bought our house, I knew very little about satelitte TV except that I was hearing that it was cheaper than cable.  Where we were previously the rent included cable so I had never really investigated anything about packages, prices or service.  But when I called the phone company to get a line set up at our new house, I was offered a package that included phone, internet and satelite service with DISH Network.  Because this just seemed super easy I never too the time to really compare DISH Network and Directv packages.

While we have changed around our services some, adding or deleting addition TVs and most recently upgrading to HD, we're still with DISH Network over 7 years later.  While I have to admit that I've been tempted a time or two to switch because of the cray low introductory rates that some places come around offering, its usually a no brainer that after 3 or 6 months the bill would be usually close to double what we're paying now.  This weekend while we were at a party the conversation about satelite services came up (what can I say I was the only mom there besides the hostess and the conversation eventually floated into a discussion of lumber and tools too).  But someone made a comment about Directv having more channels they actually want to watch.  And while I suppose personal preference can vary a lot, I think people would be surprised if they compare DISH Network and Directv channels side by side.
I won't say that our service never goes out but often we've found that if we're having very many issues there is something that needs to be updated.  Even through the stormiest summer I ever remember we haven't been without service very much.  And their customer service is pretty impressive.  And if you're on twitter, they'll even address your issues there too!  So for any forseeable future, we'll be staying with DISH Network because it has the channels that keep all of us happy and the DVR going pretty much daily.


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