Aug 11, 2011

But MY Kid IS Special

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If you're a mom, or even know a mom, it doesn't take long to realize that every mother thinks her child(ren) is special.  The competition starts early as we begin comparing notes on who's baby rolled first, got their first tooth sooner etc.  But sometimes we are simply convinced that our child exceptional.  When my oldest son was nine months old, he knew all his colors by 11 months he knew all his shapes.  He was crazy smart. But while he shocked and impressed every one, most people were quick to suggest he would level out at some point.  Basically, I was told, he was peaking early.  But I knew in my gut something was different.  When he was 3 he began displaying signs of ADHD.  People suggested he was simply bored and needed to be kept challenged.  And while there was some small truth to that, my instincts were eventually proved correct.  When he was tested for ADHD just before he entered Kindergarten, I was told he would eventually be labeled 'gifted' but that term was never used before 3rd grade because of the that old 'leveling out' theory.
So here we sit, my son is entering third grade.  For 3 years I've pressed the school for help because I KNEW, I knew what would happen if someone didn't give him what he'd need in school.  My son, who cried because he didn't want to take a week off for spring break not too long ago...he now sees no use for school.  My son...the one who kicks my butt at Scrabble and is pretty much all around more intelligent and knowledgeable than I am, doesn't want to go to school.  He used to rattle off all his favorite subjects, usually starting with reading and math and eventually listing them all.  Now he only mentions recess and gym, despite having a reading above a middle school level.
Once again, I am pleading with the school to do something for him.  I know that they have a lot to do. That especially in our district there are many kids that are falling behind that need extra help. But I am terrified that if he is let to go even just one more year the potential that my amazing son has will be lost.  That if someone can not reignite his spark for learning and school that he will turn away for good.  And given our surroundings, he won't have to look very hard for trouble.  It is around every corner here.  So what's a mother to do when her child really is special but the current structure of our school system has left him without a place to grow and nurture that gift?


  1. Lisa I was in your shoes several years ago. I ended up paying out of pocket for private tutoring for my son.

  2. Have you considered home schooling? Or is this not a possibility?

  3. Yeah, the school system is not going to help with this one. Even private schools often don't have the tools or the funds to work with gifted kids or special needs kids. It is the reason I am homeschooling my daughter this year. She is years ahead of her class and I want to keep her that way. It's a tough road for sure though. And then I have a kid on the opposite end of the spectrum - he needs extra help just to stay with his class. sigh. tough stuff.


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