Aug 29, 2011

Chicago Fire Soccer

This weekend we attended a Chicago Fire soccer game for the first time.  Being from the far northern suburbs, this stadium (in the southern suburbs) is quite a drive for us but totally worth it in my opinion. 
The stadium is clean and new feeling and though it was no where near a sell out crowd there was still a lot of enthusiasm in the stands.

Bryan totally got into twirling his tower and making noise.  He especially loved the fireworks that went off with each Chicago Fire goal!
I have previously admitted here that I'm fairly clueless about soccer.  My oldest son had to inform me that we could expect two 45 minute halves.  But then play continued well past the 90 minute mark, so I'm still confused.  But the play was very fast paced and exciting to watch.  And they won 2-0!

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  1. Oh how cool!! I haven't been to a Fire game at Toyota Park, but I did see them for the first time against Manchester United at Soldier Field. That was amazing!!! I LOVE soccer, and I would so go watch all games if I had the time.


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