Aug 29, 2011

Kate Runs Away

Come on, admit it! You know you wanna tune in to see Kate Gosselin drive an RV full of kids across the country for 2 weeks.

Kate's best friend Jamie and babysitter Ashley share the drama they've endured during the RV trip.


  1. You're wrong! I don't want any parts of that!

  2. OMG that woman is so full of drama! I mean seriously!! I saw the previews for that and she is so mean to her "friends". I know they love her kids and all but man, IDK if I could stick around because of Kate! I may DVR it so I can fast forward through her being a drama queen. Wait, that may be the entire show! On the other hand, I think she is mean to her kids too. Seems all she does is yells at them and makes them into her little "Slaves".


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