Aug 30, 2011

A Day In The Life of a Working Mom: Mornings!

6am: Alarm goes off. realizing there is child flopped over half my body I stretch for the snooze button

6:09-7:05: Alarm goes off every 9 minutes until I finally wiggle out from said child

7:05is: Stagger to bathroom to get ready for work

7:07or so: Noise levels rivaling Hiroshima erupt. The boys are awake.

7:09: Tell them to quiet down for the 50th time

7:20a: Attempt to remember to check that they have changed clothes (underwear optional)

7:25a: Realize they have not washed their faces since dinner last night that Oreo in their hair?

7:30a: Where are my keys??

7:35a: "Mom, did you sign that paper for me?"

7:40a: First attempt at walking out the door...find at least one child has not put any shoes on

7:45a: Second attempt to leave, "Mom, did you pack me a snack?"

7:46a: "Smarties are TOO a snack? I don't care what I said yesterday, today they count!"

7:49a: In the car ready to go...crap, "Will one of you run inside for my phone?"

7:55a: Arrive at school. Slow down slightly for kids to tuck and roll. "Love you have a good day!"

7:56a: Breath deeply and crank up the radio!

8:09a: Arrive at work, only 9 minutes late!


  1. Makes me ever so thankful for my WAH life. I'm dressed, I'm out of bed, but I'm still sound asleep.

  2. Mornings are definitely rough. And that last line cracked me up. I just wish there was one day I was actually 10 minutes early, but I don't see that happening.


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