Aug 3, 2011

I'm Leaving On A Jet Plane

I'm off!  By the time you read this hopefully I will be off to the airport. My flight leaves as insanely early hour but it will get me into San Diego at 9am with a whole day ahead of me to enjoy.  Assuming I'm able to stay awake.  Which I certainly hope I am, lest my roommate must carry out her threats of bodily harm if I'm too crabby from me early hour.

I will be at BlogHer hopefully getting to meet many of you who read this blog in person for the first time. I am SUPER excited.  I am of course also feeling guilty about leaving the kids.  But I know they will survive and I will make it up to them when I get back.  If the treats and new DVDs I left for them to open once I left, aren't enough!
I have an insanely busy schedule for the weekend as you can see by the photo above, that's my google calendar and all those pink blobs are events/meetings/parties. I know I will have a blast but I might need a week to recover!  Not that I HAVE a week to recover, my flight arrive in Chicago around 11:30pm on Sunday and I have to be back at work on Monday.  But maybe I'll sneak in a little nap at my desk.  Shhh don't tell on me.

Thank you again to who has provided me with a great selection of outfits to wear on my trip! And thank you to Card Cubby for the great card holder that I'll be carrying my cards around in all weekend. All other expenses have been paid by me.

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  1. Hope you have a safe flight! I love Torrid... I worked in management for Hot Topic and that company has the best corporate culture ever.

    Love to see that we all have blobs galore on our schedule. Hope to run into you somewhere!!!


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