Aug 2, 2011

Wordless Wednesday Til Next Year 8/3/11 {linky}

As much as baseball was overwhelming some weeks (especially the ones w/4 games) I was still sad to see it end.  But the park district does a great job wrapping up the season with a picnic and pool party.

A few photos of the party to hold us over until next year!!
Coach talking about Timmy being such a strong player even though he was a full year younger than everyone else.

first Little League trophy
Little League Cubs 2011 (several of the kids are missing)

someone really got into the cake, with BRighT red frosting!

someone else couldn't wait to get into the pool


  1. aww too cute! it will be probably nice to have that break from such a crazy game schedule though.

  2. How fun!! I always loved little league!

  3. Feel the same way here about the end of the baseball season. Wish we had a pool around us to enjoy!


  4. Great trophy! Grats to the boys!


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