Aug 26, 2011

Shopping for New Glasses {Sponsored Post}

I love to shop but shopping for eye glasses is a painful process for me.  I've worn glasses since I was in sixth grade and thankfully my choice in frames has improved a ton since that first heinous pair.  But it is still a chore I hate.
More than half the time I pick out a pair I think looks cute but considering I had to take of the ones I can actually see through to try on new ones, it's pretty much impossible to know.  Because my impairment has gotten so sever I can barely see myself standing in front of a mirror. I'm always jealous of those, like my husband who are shopping for reading glasses.  Yes they need to them to see tiny print, which I handle just fine, but dang it they can see if they are about to purchase glasses that made them look ridiculous.
This weekend I'm packing up the whole crew and getting 5 pairs of eyes examined.  Four of us already have prescription worthy vision so it will be interesting to see if the little one  follows in the genetic footsteps or not. 

These days at least I have the option to ask for my prescription and shop online somewhere like  They even have a virtual try on feature where I uploaded a photo of myself and could see what certain frames would like like on me...while still wearing my current glasses so I could actually see.  How sweet is that?

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