Sep 22, 2011

Bad or Brilliant Parenting? What do you think?

So we're barely, seriously BARELY, inot sweatshirt weather and it seems my kids have 'misplaced' two brand new hoodies.  So I told me boys if they can't find them and/or don't hold on to the ones they still have...the next batch I'm buying will feature Justin Bieber.  A look of terror washed over their faces.  I'm pretty sure they'll be checking to see if they left them at school today.  But then from the lil man of the house...."I WANNA JUSTING BIEBER SWEATSHIRT!"  I had to promise to look for one for him before I could leave for work without him crying!!

So it half worked and half completely bit m in the ass! Such is my life!


  1. It was a brilliant idea, your tactical error was saying it in the little guy's hearing. Turn him onto some good music and all will be well.


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