Sep 22, 2011

Wreck The App {App Review}

Just did a face-plant against the wall of writer’s block? Terrified by a blank screen? Looking for a new creative outlet? Lacking artistic inspiration? Just plain old bored? You’ve found the right app.

With Wreck This App, you'll tap into your creative side in an entirely new way: by exploring your best mess-making and destructive abilities. Guided by more than 50 prompts and using a spectrum of drawing tools, you can tap “holes” through the screen, “Drip” different inks, and then smear them all together, deface your least favorite picture of yourself, scribble furiously, color outside of the lines! And when you’ve wrecked your app, you can post evidence of your creative destruction on Facebook or Flickr!

Based on the world-wide and phenomenally successful book Wreck This Journal by author and illustrator Keri Smith, Wreck This App brings destructive creativity right to your fingertips. Let the wrecking begin!



 This really is a great app for kids and adults.  Because sometimes a blank slate is just intimidating.  But these simple directions can give you just enough inspiration.  My kids are notorious for getting out art supplies and asking "what do you want me to draw?" But when I open this app for them and they are told to "Color this entire page" there is nothing but furious coloring and giggling.  But not QUITE as much gigglig as there was when my biggest kid (husband) got ahold of this app and found the page that had my photo on it and he set out creating....this:
Hahaha.  What like I'm a clown? Like I'm here for your amusement? Yeah, ok, sometimes I totally am.  And this totally made me laugh too! I heard mentions of horns and mustaches so I'm sure I will eventually find many more surprises in this app!

 Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of this app for review purposes. All opinions expressed are my own, honest personal feedback. I was not compensated for a positive review.


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