Sep 12, 2011 Halloween Costumes Review

 My kids LOVE dressing up.  Each year they know what they want to be for Halloween the following year before we have even gone Trick-or-Treating for the current year.
Sometimes their costume choices are super predictable and they wind up being one of a million of said character walking the streets on Halloween collecting candy.
But once in awhile they pick something just obscure enough to make me nervous.  And this year, was one of those years. Thanks to Netflix we've been teaching our kids about the classics.  You know, the fabulous movies of the 80s like Ghostbusters!  So my middle son was determined to be a ghost buster for Halloween.  Thirty years ago, I am sure this was a popular costume, but somehow I didn't imagine a huge demand for Ghostbusters costumes in this century.  So I can't even describe the relief I had when I searched and this great Ghostbuster get up, complete with inflatable  ghost busting gear!  (They have it in adult sizes if you're feeling a little nostalgic yourself.)
He's not quite 8 years old and wears a size 8 pant but since we like to put our layers for warmth UNDER their costumes, I ordered the 10-12 size and it IS big but once he layers up for the IL weather at the end of October it should be just about right!  As you can see from this photo, he is THRILLED with his costume!

 My littlest man chose a much more predictable costume.  However, I wasn't sure if they would have the last series of Power Range (Samari, in case you aren't privy to the world of hig quality acting that IS Power Rangers) and I knew my little critic would KNOW if his costume didn't look just like the one his beloved, Jaden wears!  Thankfully they not only had the perfect Samari Power Ranger costume, they have the deluxe style...with muscles.  
I am such a sucker for seeing my lil men all muscly! I mean, if you can't go all out for Halloween, what's the point!  And the final touch that put my 3 year old, over the moon authentic looking Samari Power Ranger sword! (Sword is sold separately from the costume).
Bryan is a pretty solidly built 3 year old so I bought him a size up and while there is some extra length and some extra room for a layer or two underneath, it's not super big on him. The only problem we had with the costume...he had a total meltdown when I made him take it off so he wouldn't trash it before Halloween!!!!  He is totally in love and can NOT wait for Halloween so he can wear it again!

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  1. Love them! They picked great costumes, and good thing they made the tank lightweight for the Ghostbusters costume!

  2. Oh how cute! I didn't even think of a Ghostbuster as a costume. Awesome!

  3. That Ghostbusters costume is just brilliant! I haven't seen those in years :) Really looking forward to Halloween in the US this year...the Brits don't do Halloween the same.


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