Sep 13, 2011

I'm an Atheletic Supporter!

If you thought being a soccer mom was all glamorous, and filled with mini vans and snack-time, well then you clearly aren't a TRUE athletic supporter.
This week I had my first experience that I say qualifies me as a REAL sports mom.  I mean yes, I have spent 5 seasons watching t-ball and baseball, 2 watching basketball and am starting my 3 watching soccer...but THIS, this made it official.
I became a true athletic supporter when I walked into a small sports store filled with men well past their athletic prime and had to ask for assistance purchasing...a jock strap!
As neither an athelete or a dude (in case there was any confusion) this was a topic I had literally ZERO previous knowledge.  I was first asked, adult or youth?  That was a no brainer, and I was happy to know he was clear that I was NOT in fact making this purchase for myself!  Then he asked me what size? UH! Is that like sizing condoms? I had no clue what size cup my kid needed.  So he tossed a youth S on the counter. Ah ha! Size S=waist 20-24" that would be totally helpful if I had any clue what size waist my son had.  But I don't because some idiot decided only men should have the convince of having pants sized correctly by waist and length.  But since my husband has a 29" inch waist and my son is a twig (a twig with a developing six pack mind you but STILL a twig) I assumed he couldn't possibly have a waist LARGER than 24" so I grabbed that jock strap and hit the road.
I thought the fun was over at that point but then I got to go home and help my 8 year old figure out how to put the darn thing on!
Being a Soccer Mom/Baseball Mom is so totally glamorous!!

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  1. So glad I was able to hand that job over to the hubs!! lol


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