Sep 29, 2011

Invite for Chicago Runners

I'm not a runner, which is probably pretty obvious.  I have NEVER liked running.  But I do need to start geting serious about moving.  I need to get healthier, for me, for my kids and for my goals.  If you've been around here much you know that I am serious about my dedication to cancer research and every year I have friends who participate in 5K walks (some even do the 3 day walk) and I really WANT to be able to join them.  Every year I SAY I'm going to start moving and sign up for a 5K.  And every year, I don't!
I can give you all my excuses but most of them are CRAP.  But one that really isn't is that I literally do not own a single pair of decent shoes. I live in flip flops 80%+ of the year.  The one pair of gym shoes I own leave my pinky toes numb within an hour and give me blisters almost instantly.  Maybe with a great pair of Chicago LunarGlide +3's provided by NIKE, I could have one less excuse to get my rear in gear and finally join my friends/family in a 5K walk in support of cancer research!

If you ARE a runner, or just a NIKE fan, you are invited to attend this event this Saturday.  I would love to hear all about it if you attend.


  1. wish I lived close to Chicago - sounds cool!

  2. Oooo, read this too late! On a side note, the lunar glides are FANTASTIC! I trained on them for this marathon and they are AWESOME! I have gone through 3 pairs and highly recommend them!

    Go for it, honestly just GET MOVING. It sounds so easy and you know what? It is! I swore on and on that I would do it...someday and finally I just signed up for this marathon (NEVER EVER RAN OR DID ANYTHING) and now it's SUNDAY!!!


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