Sep 30, 2011

#Pinktober Promoting Breast Cancer Awareness

This October will be #Pinktober here at Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy!  Since there is very little pink going on in my testasterone filled life I MIGHT just take the time to honor this month because I could use a lil pink.  But if you have been around my blog long, you know that Breast Cancer Awareness is is a topic that hits close to home for me because of my moms long and courageous battle against the ugly disease.
It seems each year there is more resistance to the Pink movement each October from supporters of other types of cancer research and from other woman's health issues such as heart disease.  But I believe that everyone must stand behind a cause that is important to them and I do do my very best to support many other great causes. I have lost many family members to a variety of cancers and we do support American Cancer Society which is about funding the research of all cancers as well as patient support for those with all types of cancer.  However, for ME helping spread the word about breast cancer is about educating woman (and men) about something that they themselves can help discover.  Being vigilant about mammograms and knowing your own body (I am still a strong proponent of self exams despite some reports saying otherwise) CAN SAVE LIVES!

So this month I will be featuring a series of posts from breast cancer survivors and caretakers as well as features of business that support breast cancer research. 


  1. I love the month of October for this very reason. It's a cause very important to me as well! Looking forward to your post series!

  2. What a great series to run for this month. I'm looking forward to your posts!

  3. Such an important cause. And I don't understand why people would have issues with it. All of those causes are important and one group shouldn't be saying anything negative about another group. Sad really

  4. Love this - friend just recently went through a lot had to have both breast removed and just found out my aunt is going through the same thing

  5. Since it is so personal to you, you should do what you can to help spread awareness. The Heart Association people are not trying to take awareness away from this cause. It's just that heart disease kills more women than breast cancer and they're trying to get that message out there, too. Props to you for helping spread the word for the Breast Cancer Awareness cause!


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