Oct 14, 2011

Hot Man App for Breast Cancer Awareness #Pinktober

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Ontario, Canada- October 11, 2011 - Rethink Breast Cancer today announced the launch of Your Man Reminder, an innovative early breast cancer detection App for iPhone.  The free App created by john st., features a choice of cute guys who pop up regularly with an encouraging reminder to get in touch with and know your breasts.
This early breast cancer detection campaign is the latest promotion from Rethink Breast Cancer, a Canadian charity which uses humor and sensitivity to elevate breast health messages to women in their 20s, 30s and 40s who otherwise might not think they are at risk. Two years ago the group launched the viral sensation Save the Boobs for Breast Cancer Awareness Month and also hosts the annual Boobyball black tie fundraiser, coming up this year October 14th in Toronto.

“Our experience is that many young women are not aware of their risk for breast cancer,” said MJ DeCoteau, Executive Director, Rethink Breast Cancer. “The use of ‘hot guys’ as a reminder for women to be breast aware is actually a great way for them to learn about breast health in a non-scary way. The idea behind our education initiatives is to break through the information clutter and remind women to know their bodies and be proactive in protecting them.”
Download the free Your Man Reminder App today and join the fight in early breast cancer detection for celebration of October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month and then show your breasts some T.L.C. (Touch. Look. Check.)  From the App choose from one of six guys to provide the monthly reminder and then share with a friend to see what guy they utilize. With the touch of the screen, customize the App by changing the special calendar settings and appointment reminders. Utilize the ‘Signs and Symptoms’ tab within the App to answer any questions or concerns.
The Your Man Reminder App is available now to download free for iPhone mobile devices and will be available for free download on Android mobile devices later this month.
In 2006, Rethink launched a TLC campaign in Canada to encourage women to be breast aware.  The campaign asks women to Touch their breasts to feel for anything unusual, Look for changes and be aware of shape and texture, and Check anything unusual with a physician. For more information about Your Man Reminder and the TLC campaign, please visit www.rethinkbreastcancer.com


  1. The Your Man Reminder App looks like a great FUN way to remember to do monthly breast exams!!!

  2. Ha! I just may need to upload this app. :-)

  3. All i saw was hot men and breasts...I'm in!


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