Oct 8, 2011

Trek Women Breast Cancer Awareness Ride #Pinktober

Today, Trek Bicycle retailers around the United States will host the 6th annual Trek Women Breast Cancer Awareness ride.

Rayovac is proud to sponsor 10- and 25-mile family-friendly group rides, donating registration fees directly to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. With 1 in every 8 women in the US getting breast cancer in her lifetime, most people have a close friend or family member affected by the disease.
The goal of the Trek Women Breast Cancer Awareness Ride is not only to raise funds for breast cancer research, but unite local communities in the effort to raise awareness of the importance of breast health in a fun, supportive environment. Check out photos from last year on Trek Women's FaceBook Page.


  1. The odds are so real. One family member and one of my best friends got BC this year..


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