Oct 25, 2011

Wolves Hockey is Back In Action for the 18th Season

Last year we were invited to spend the evening with The Chicago Wolves and lots of other fabulous bloggers.  Despite having to make my way through the arena with an air cast for my broken ankle, it was a great night!  Unfortunately because of my limited mobility we skipped the Fun Fest that takes place before every Saturday night game, but we heard it was terrific!  Read my full review of our experience here.

The Wolves have been a family staple for us for several years (see my 2009 post here), starting when my husband and I were dating.  Hockey is really high energy game that you simply can't appreciate until you see and feel it LIVE.  And as much as we would LOVE to get out to see the Blackhawks, their ticket prices simply aren't within our budget.  However, The Chicago Wolves, who are every bit as fabulous to watch (ok, I'm speculating a little here since I've never gone to a 'Hawks game) are truly priced with families in mind.  Check out the deal below...we spend that much when we take our family to see a movie and get snacks.  

Our family is looking forward to getting out to see The Chicago Wolves again this season, how about you?


  1. Looks like a fun bonding experience with the family!

  2. How is it possible that I've never even heard of them before?

  3. We had so much fun at the Wolves game last year - I couldn't believe how well the boys sat for it! I remember your cast too!


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