Nov 16, 2011

Museum of Science and Industry and Dr Seuss

Dr. Seuss & The Art of Invention examines the singular imaginative force behind a bevy of fanciful people, places, creatures and things beloved by generations.
This temporary exhibit celebrates the life and art of Dr. Seuss, chronicling the common artistic links appearing in his work. See his multi-faceted talent at work through this collection of early editorial cartoons, drawings, advertisements, paintings and sculptures. Then get ready for whimsical, hands-on activities that focus on Dr. Seuss’s innovative thinking. Play with Oobleck, the very muck that runs amuck in Seuss's Bartholomew and the Oobleck. (Please, no geese allowed.) Invent your own contraption using Seussian wheels, horns and tubes. Kids and adults alike will have a blast letting their imaginations run wild!
Even if you don't know Thing One from Thing Two, you'll be happier than a Glunk making Glunker Stew when you visit There’s Fun to Be Done! Dr. Seuss & The Art of Invention!

We recently took the family to the Museum of Science and Industry for the first time and were able to check out the Dr Seuss exhibit.  I have always been a big Dr Seuss fans and so have my boys.  It was cool to see such a variety of works from the beloved author including many things I had never seen before.  In addition to a variety of illustrations and lots of biographical information there were some fabulous hands on activities for the kids in the exhibit.  I have to say it was truly inspiring to see this exhibit and learning more about such a creative genius!  There is an extra charge for this exhibit and while we did find that we by no means NEEDED any extra things to see, I'm glad we took the chance to see it.  We spent just over an hour reading, learning and playing and only moved on because we knew there was so much more in the museum we wanted to see. 

We arrived just before 10am (they open at 9:30a) and we left just minutes before they closed at 4pm.  We covered many areas but I think we could easily go back and spend another entire day. 
Because of the difference in ages in the boys, we parted ways for awhile and I tool Bryan into the Idea Factory which is really great for younger kids, while the older boys went and checked out the storm area that I thought might scare Bryan a little. He spent an hour playing with water, and levers and air cannons and circuits but to him it was all just fun! 
There is a ton to do in the farming area including watching the trip cow's milk makes from cow to bottle or full sized tractors you can hop up into.  There is also a tractor simulator which was surprisingly tricky to manage!
And we ended the day on a perfectly high note as we departed through the space area where my 9 year old space lover was in HEAVEN.  You can try your hand at moving the Mars ROVER replica or refueling a space shuttle. 
This outing went even better than I could have imagined with the ONLY complaints coming when it was time to leave!!

Thanks so much to MSI for hosting our family!

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  1. I'm so jealous! I love places like that. I once got to go to the Museum of Natural History and I thought I was in heaven. I'm a nerd like that. This exhibit looks awesome!


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