Nov 16, 2011

My Crap Website

Apparently these guys want to help me FIX my crap website. If you have a crap website that needs fixing, feel free to email them:

Or if you're bored and want to let them know you don't think I have a CRAP website.  Feel free to email them too.  Just be sure you cc: me And maybe I'll send you some link love!!

Disclosure: This was an actual email I got, I didn't REALLY take offense to it but I thought I'd share it because if we can't laugh at ourselves, who can we laugh at.


  1. You would think they would at least visit the sites before sending email like that lol!

  2. LOL, that's so hilarious! I get those too.

  3. I get spam comments similar to that all the time. So annoying!

  4. Oh this is priceless! I get some that say: "Your content is really boring." Such a great ego boost!
    (Love your disclaimer, btw!)

  5. Wow. What a way to market - insult the potential customeres to the point of submission!

    Gah! These people make my head hurt!


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