Nov 7, 2011

Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure™ for Wii #GamersGiftGuide2011

In Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure™, you can Bring Your Toys to Life™ in a boldly innovative adventure game where players collect real-world interaction figures and teleport them directly into the game using a mystical Portal of Power™.

Propelled by a story-driven adventure, penned by Academy Award-nominated Toy Story feature film writers, Joel Cohen and Alec Sokolow, players take on the role of a powerful Portal Master who can control over 30 different characters, including the beloved fire-breathing dragon Spyro.  Players will embark on a fantastical journey into an amazing world, where they will explore mysterious, mythical lands, battle menacing outlandish creatures, collect gold and treasures, and solve interesting puzzles while on a quest to save their world from Kaos, an evil Portal Master.  

Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure changes the way we look at toys and videogames, as well as how we interact with them by introducing action figures that become interaction figures and remember all of their dynamic experiences created in the game.  For the first time ever, players can personally customize and power-up their toys, as well as bring them to life on a friend’s Portal of Power for co-op play and player-versus-player arena battles.  Additionally, with the freedom to change characters whenever they like, Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure allows kids to utilize different interaction figures and strategies each time they play. 

·         Nintendo WiiÔ
·         Nintendo 3DSÔ
·         Xbox 360™ video game and entertainment system from Microsoft
·         PLAYSTATION®3 computer entertainment system
·         Windows® PC
ESRB Rating:
·         E10+ 
My Thoughts:
This is a game my kids began asking for as soon as the saw the commercial for it.  It combines two of their favorite things, video games and action figures!!  When I saw this game back in August at BlogHer I have to admit I was a bit mystified by how it worked.  I can't say that I truly understand how it works now but it did make a bit more sense once I opened the box and learned that there is actually a USB slot in the back of the Wii where you plug in a USB receiver for the 'portal of power.'  The next thing that struck me as a mom of THREE boys is that the game comes with THREE characters so each of my guys got their own 'guy' right off the bat.  Anything that eliminates fighting is sincerely appreciated by this momma.
Then there is the actual game, which was a big hit!  It is a fun adventure game in a world where different characters can open different areas of that land.  I was worried about what would happen if the boys played around with the characters while the game was playing but it is actually designed for it.  This game really is great for all ages as long as you're OK with shooting type games because my three year old enjoyed playing it with minimal help or frustration.  And the older boys (and I) really had fun playing it too.  There MAY have been some shooting of the good guys going on just to hear them make funny noises.  And there was lots of talk about 'priceless treasure' as you collect coins and gems throughout the game.  You also collect protective head gear like pots and anvils to increase the strength of your character.  Overall, this game gets two thumbs up from our family and although it is only a 2 person game, it is one that is fun to watch others play too!!!  While it IS on the pricier side for games, I really love the cross play options that lets kids use their characters to play out their video game adventures away from the screen as well.  I really hope they will continue to grow this collection as I think the concept is great and has lots of great growth potential!!

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Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of this game for review purposes.  However, all opinions expressed are my own, honest personal feedback and I have not been compensated for a positive review.


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