Dec 7, 2011

Drawsome Tablet Review for Nintendo Wii #GamersGiftGuide2011

Just in Time for the Holidays, Drawsome Tablet Comes Bundled with Two Games for a Family Friendly Price Today, Ubisoft® announced that Drawsome Tablet, the newest drawing peripheral on the market for the Wii system from Nintendo, is now available at retail outlets throughout the United States. Drawsome Tablet is the only tablet for Wii that comes bundled with two games: Drawsome Artist and Drawsome Sketch QuestTM. Both games encourage players to unleash their creativity, as well as challenge players to embark on fun family friendly gaming adventures. Drawsome is rated E for Everyone and is available for the suggested retail price of $59.99.

The Drawsome Tablet features a large 8.5-inch screen that allows for unrestricted drawing movements and features an innovative transparency layer that covers the drawing area, so players can trace their favorite images. Drawsome Tablet includes a wireless stylus which means players movements will not be limited by a tether; the size, shape and feel of the pen also allows for a user-friendly experience for children. Everything drawn on the Drawsome Tablet will be displayed in real time on a home television. Using an SD Card, users will be able to share their masterpieces easily with friends and family! With Drawsome Artist, players can draw, paint and color by sketching on their own, or learn advanced art techniques step-by-step. They can even interact with their favorite characters from The Smurfs, the world-renowned animated brand, and learn how to draw and color them thanks to a huge gallery of predefined models. Also included is Drawsome Sketch Quest, in which players embark on an adventure to help a variety of cute animals race through their world by drawing bridges, trampolines and more. With 40 characters and 80 levels, there is never a dull moment in either solo play or family friendly four-person co-op.

My Thoughts on the Drawsome Tablet for Nintendo Wii:
The Drawsome Tablet comes with two games.  The first game is Sketch Quest and requires the player to use drawing to help little animals safely navigate each level of the game.  As you progress through levels you go from having to help the animals up and out of holes to having to quickly create ledges and boxes so the animals don't fall to their demis.  My boys thought it was funny that when you messed up and one of your animals died it's little angel floats up to 'heaven.' This game does require some patience and some decent reaction time and accuracy as you get up in to the more challenging levels. 
The Drawsome Artist game is mostly an art studio featuring the Smurfs!  The boys LOVED this and spent hours coloring, drawing and covering the 'page' with stickers.  It took a few minutes to figure out how to navigate through chosing your tools (brush, pencils, pastels etc) and the color selection.  But the boys were off and giggling at their creations quickly.  In the color option you have a ton of Smurf themed coloring pages.  Coloring is great for even little kids as it doesn't let them color outside the line, where ever area of the page they set their tool into is the only area that gets colored no matter how much they scribble outside the line.  And of course there is the fill option that lets them fill an entire area quickly with one tap of the stylus.
This was our first experience with a drawing tablet that works with the Wii and it took a little getting used to but I was surprised at how receptive it is.  Once you get a little practice and are comfortable with it, it is pretty easy to use.  This is one of Bryan's new favorite things to do with the Wii!!

Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of this game for review purposes. All opinions expressed are my own honest, personal feedback.

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  1. We just got this and haven't had time to try it yet, now I'm excited!


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