Dec 21, 2011

Sing 4: The Hits Edition for Nintendo Wii #GamersGiftGuide2011

Sing 4: The Hits Edition
Sing4: The Hits Edition for the Wii™ system from Nintendo is now available for $39.99 and rated “T” for Teen. For a limited time, Sing4 comes packaged with a microphone.


  • High-precision lyrics: Scoring that detects humming vs. singing.

  • Voice effects: This fun addition allows you to alter your voice and change the way it sounds! Choose from Echo, Reverb, Helium, Ogre, and Wobble. Use the effects during a song or experiment with them in the replay.

  • Pitch Correction: Automatically "tune" your voice! This effect adjusts the players' voice to match the pitch and vocals of the song, but the timing is still left to the player. Pitch correction can be used independently, or in conjunction with any other voice effect.

  • 4 different game modes:

    Solo: Do your best to get the song right! You are scored based on your pitch and timing. Adjust the difficulty level so that anyone from novices to pros can sing like a star!

    Duet: This mode breaks up songs for 2 people to sing together! Pay attention to which part is yours. The player with the highest score wins.

    Battle: Up to 4 players can sing together in this mode! Each player sings the same parts and the player with the highest score wins.

    Cooperation: Get help from your friends in this mode. Some parts you might be better at than your friends and vice versa, so your scores are combined in this mode!

  • Includes songs and videos from 40 chart-topping artists:
    Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Usher featuring, Carrie Underwood, Owl City, Taio Cruz, Lionel Richie, Ke$ha, Nickelback, Queen, Sara Bareilles, Orianthi, Blondie, Rihanna featuring Jay -Z, The Doors, The B52s, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Leona Lewis, Train, Jason Derülo, Demi Lovato, The Script, Simple Minds, David Guetta & Kelly Rowland, Fergie, Gloria Gaynor, Michael Bublé, La Roux, The Human League, Alicia Keys, Rick Astley, Kelly Clarkson, Outkast, Hinder, Timbaland featuring OneRepublic, Sister Sledge, Shinedown, and Natasha Bedingfield.
  • Downloadable songs: Download from artists such as Gwen Stefani, Maroon 5, Daughtry and more!!
Bryan singing

Timmy's one attempt!

My Thoughts on Sing 4: The Hits Edition for Nintendo Wii:
You can't see it well but that highlighted score is MINE!
I am in LOVE with this game.  I love music and I love singing, I'm not really good. I would never attempt to sing in public, but I enjoy signing and Sing 4 features a TON of songs I love.  There were only 3 songs that I didn't know all the words to already.  Songs that I would consider current hits to 70s and 80s songs too.  Timmy tried once and when his 'baby' brother beat him, he gave up.  But Johnny, Bryan and I have played this for hours.  The first night we played I sang every single one of the 40 songs.  I even have scores on several of the leader boards.  I am however a little tired of the song "Tik Tok" by Kesha because it is the only song Bryan wants to do...over and over and over.  There are also more songs that are available for download which I will be figuring out how to do soon so I have more new songs to try.  I really appreciate that you have the option to do a long or short version of every song so I can set it to short for Bryan.  The only thing I would change if I could is that each song already had a full leader board.  If the leader board was blank to start, it might have been a little more encouraging for the boys to be able to see there name up there as none of them have scored high enough to beat the lowest preset score.  But overall, I think this one is a great value for the money if you like to sing along to your favorite tunes!

Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of this game for review purposes. All opinions expressed are my own honest personal feedback.


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