Jan 25, 2012

Dear Dads

If you're a dad, that means there is very likely a Mama in your life.  And in case you haven't yet realized it, Valentine's Day is sneaking up on us.  On this day of the year, one my one husband so lovingly refers to as a "Hallmark Holiday" do you typically get gifts for her?                     

If you are much like us, you might opt to go out for a nice dinner in place of Valentine's gifts, anniversary gifts and birthday gifts.  If however, you are gift givers, here are a few hints for you for this year. 

1. It's the thought that counts.  Ok that doesn't mean you get point for THINKING about buying a gift.  It does however mean you should sleep with one eye open if your sweetie is working desperately to lose weight and you bring home a large box of chocolates.  A little thought can go a long way.

2. Consider your budget.  This is especially true if your valentine is the one who handles the household finances.  But if things are tight, she might DESERVE those beautiful diamond earrings but they may also cause her more stress than they are worth!

3.  The way to a man's heart is through his stomach, but the way to a woman's heart is through her kids!  Consider a gift that is either made by the kids or reminds mom of them.

4. When all else fails let her be pampered!  There is no shame in getting a gift certificate if it is for a spa or her favorite salon!

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  1. I thought this was really cute, especially #4, when my daughter makes cute cards for daddy. And going to your tip #1, it's the thought that counts :)
    Have a great weekend,


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