Jan 24, 2012

What do YOU Think About This Years Oscar Nominees for Best Picture?

The nominees for this years Best Picture were announced this morning? Have you seen any of these movies?  Did your favorites make the list?

I have only seen The Help and I think if it wasn't nominated, I might have to stop watching movies all together.  I'm going to try and watch any of these that are available on DVD before the Oscars but I'm going to start with Moneyball because I have heard it was really good, and besides, you can't really go wrong with Brad Pitt. Which I suppose means my next chose will probably be Tree of Life.

Click on any of the movie graphics to be taken to more information on that film on the official Oscars website!

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  1. I only saw The Help and War Horse out of this group, but I'm thrilled they're both in the mix!


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