Jan 30, 2012

Learn, Gather, Give With Abbott Champions for Kids #AbbottCFK #CBias

As part of the Abbott Champions for Kids campaign, I have had the chance to learn a little more about the staggering statics of childhood hunger just in my own area. I know that sometimes the need here in our own backyards can seem almost insignificant to those in third world countries.  Many times the children that are affected in your area may not even looked any different to you than your own.  But the issue is real, and IS significant, especially to the child who goes to bed hungry.  You may not be able to solve childhood hunger.  You may not even feel like you can make a real difference at all.  But you would be amazed at the difference one person can make.

 Start today by learning about the need in your area.  And then find out if there are already groups that are working to make a difference.  We chose to donate to the Food Pantry at a local church that many of our friends attend.  I was not able to give our donations directly to someone in need but the volunteers at the food pantry are hugely grateful for the support.  Right now is an especially critical time as the need for families using food pantries such as this one is increasing while the donations on a whole are not. 

 And the volunteers were thrilled to get a donation that isn't typical.  Often times food donated to food pantries is simply stuff that can be bought super cheap or comes out of cabinet because its unwanted.  Is that really the message we want to send to someone in need?  The last thing that someone who is down needs is to feel like we only care enough to give them our rejects.  So in making your donation, yes it does have to be shelf stable but that doesn't mean it can't be nutrition.  Or that it can't be something that someone will actually be able to use.

Consider the needs of yourself and your family the next time you prepare to donate.  Consider calling and finding out what they could actually use. 

In shopping for our donations, I scoured the pharmacy section looking for Abbott nutrition products.  I found Zone bars and Ensure,but had to an employee for help finding the PediaSure.  It was in the baby aisle.  How logic!  If only I thought that logically.  But PediaSure is NOT just for babies.  PediaSure is something that our Pediatrician has recommended several times as both of my older boys are slightly underweight despite what seem to me like very healthy appetites.  They taste like milkshakes but are packed with weight adding calories and protein.

To view more photos from my mission for Abbot Champions for Kids, check out my Google + album here.
And find out more on how you can be a part of Abbott Champions for Kids here!

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  1. Great post! I loved being a part of this and being able to give back to my community.

  2. Love this. Our help is sorely needed and we can all do something to make someone elses life a little better.

  3. You hit on something that I love- even the needy deserve more than our rejects. After the April 27th tornadoes, the outpouring of donations was stunning, but so much of it was junk. That really bothered me, because when our home burned, we had people give us junk too. Of course, we were thankful for anything, but like you said, that isn't the message you want to send. So, after the tornadoes, I loaded up tons of diapers, formula, food, etc and we donated it. It felt awesome to donate things that people REALLY needed AND wanted!

    (sorry for the novel!)

  4. I love this! Giving shouldn't be about just cleaning out your own pantry or closet - it should be about meeting the needs of others. They don't need a lot of the stuff we cast off - they need the stuff they can't afford!

  5. Thanks for spreading the word! ~Brittany @ZonePerfect


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