Mar 8, 2012

American Idol Top 13 Performances

Are you watching American Idol? What do you think of the Top 13? I think they all did at least a decent job this week. But I was glad to hear the judges not just overly praise every performance. Without critique how are they to improve.

But far away the stand out of the night was Jessica Sanchez! I could have closed my eyes and thought this was Whitney singing. Her voice is amazing and I have no doubt she will go somewhere in music regardless of the outcome of this season. I am however not confident she will win it as I haven't seen her really make a mark outside of her performances and I believe past seasons have shown that personality OFF stage carries a lot of weight. If she can come out of her shell and win the hearts outside of her voice, I think she'll have a good shot.

Phillip Phillips is still one of my faves (from the first round of auditions. Though he seems to step a little further from my taste each week. He reminds me more and more of Casey from last season each week and I wasn't really a Casey fan.

Who are YOU rooting for this season on American Idol?


  1. I love Phillip because I like that he's different, and he's someone I could listen to in concert. I agree about Jessica. She has a beautiful voice, but outside that, I don't find her particularly interesting.

    And I loved that guy who performed first too. I can't think of his name, but he was amazing.

  2. I love AI and thought last night was pretty good. I agree that Jessica was amazing. I voted for Heejun - I love that guy!

  3. what? American Idol is on again? I'm so out of touch. I hardly ever watch TV - and only seem to be on Netflix when the TV is on.
    I've always enjoyed AI and but haven't been as dedicated to it the last few seasons.


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