Apr 8, 2012

Are you ready to be outdoors?

I know our family is ready for this unpredictable weather to break into the days of being outside constantly.  But as with everything, there are some issues with being outside all the time.  If you are a mom of a child with allergies you know what spring and summer can do to kids. This year I'll be prepared for my family and helping others learn about Children's Claritin and how it can help save some allergies hassles this season. 
And even though we haven't hit the dog days of summer yet, don't forget that your kids (and YOU) need to protect yourself from the sun whenever you'll be outdoors.  This summer I'll be sharing helpful sun safety info from Coppertone!

Disclosure: I will be receiving product and promotions from these companies to share my insights with them and my readers through out the season!!


  1. As someone who has allergies all year round and burns at the hint of the sun, I will be watching for your posts!!

    1. I am thankful my kids don't burn as easily as I do but I am still super cautious.


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