Apr 9, 2012

Tie Dyed Eggs

Thanks to pinterst and my overachieving friends, I felt compelled to try this super cool looking egg dying method this year.  So off to the Salvation Army store I went in search of cheap ties.  Much to my surprise, they were THAT cheap...most at $3.55 so I dug for the color of the day to get 50% off. I spent $15.00 on ties, about 5 times what I usually spend on dye kits.  But all in the name of something NEW.

The directions I read specifically said they needed to be wrapped really well but since I was letting the boys do them I figures rubber bands were our best bet. We didn't get them wrapped too well at all.  It let to a lot of swirling white spots, I just chalk that up to a cool effect.  If you want a fully colored egg be sure to wrap them well...like mummify them with string or ribbon or one blog even mentioned dental floss.

And remember these eggs aren't cooked before you are messing with them so there is a risk of casualty.  We had ONE hit the floor, Humpty Dumpty style. But for all my worrying about the boys...I was the one that dropped it!! 

So anyway, we cut the ties up, wrapped the eggs in the silk material first and then in the white inner material.  (Best I can tell after doing this is that the white materials only job is to hold in the color so the water itself doesn't turn colors and result in muddy colors.  Here's our eggs wrapped up and ready to boil.
The directions said bring to a boil and the reduce to simmer for 20-25.  I had many of mine end up not fully hard boiled so I'd recommend a high simmer for 25-27 minutes especially if you wrapped them really well.

Here are our results!

To see full instructions and my inspiration for this attempt visit FrostedFingers.com's post on Tie Dyed Eggs here.


  1. So pretty! I've always wanted to try this, can you still eat the eggs though?

    1. absolutely. As I mentioned, a few of mine were a little underdone so I tossed them but if I did them a bit longer they'd all have been totally usable hard boiled eggs.


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