Apr 9, 2012

Fun Deviled Egg Mishaps

Thankfully each year for Easter we are invited to someone's house for dinner because I am not a great cook and holiday meals are hugely overwhelming to me. 
This year was no different except we were given nothing specific to bring. So I decided we'd bring deviled eggs since we are never able to finish the quantity of eggs I boil every year for dying purposes. 
But I wanted to do something fun with them since it was the only task I had.

A friend had posted these pretty pastel deviled eggs on her blog and I planned to do that. Until I saw these adorable hacking chick eggs online on Saturday.  Thankfully I attempted a couple for practice right away.

I peeled the eggs, cut them to look like a cracked egg, which was fairly easy, just a little more time consuming then chopping them in half.  But the tricky part was getting the yolk out after cutting them like this.  With a hole smaller than the size of the yolk I broke up the yolk with the knife and tried to squeeze it out.  Each egg tore a little bit at least.  But I proceeded. I mixed up the yolks with mayo. mustard etc and put it into a decorating thingy I had from Pampered Chef.  I filled two eggs without a problem but on the third egg the tip must have clogged but I didn't realize it...I just tried harder...and blew the tip off...leaving and explosion on egg number three, my counter, stove etc...
I pulled the two out that weren't ruined and took a photo and called it a day...remember NOT to attempt these again.  Super cute but way over my skill and patience level.
While attempting to find the site that inspired this idea I found a few that showed them differently that would have made them easier (but was unable to find the original site). If you're feeling ambitious google 'hatching chick deviled eggs" for a variety of options, and hopefully you'll have better luck than I did!

Back to those cute pastel deviled eggs.  Sunday morning I attempt to look up the directions online and can't view the original post from FrostedFingers.com...so I Googled it.  The directions I found said 6-20 drops of food coloring and a large time range based on your desired results but that had used 7 minutes. So I went with 12 drops and planned for 7 minutes....but then I totally forgot about them.  Fifteen or so minutes later my eggs were pretty but WAY bright!!

This is what I was going for...

But they still tasted great and looked very festive.  And what the heck, there's always next year.  For directions to do it properly visit Frosted Fingers Easter Deviled Eggs here!


  1. Thanks for the linky. I made my 2nd set a bit darker but not as dark as yours. :)

  2. Both of your eggs look great! I didn't get creative at all with my eggs this year...good thing too, because they were gone in 10 minutes. LOL

    1. thanks. you know I still have some left, no one really ate them much but me and I don't really need all the WW points from them.

  3. They both ended up cute!! I love the hatching deviled eggs!

  4. I think you did a really good job with these. They both are darling and you definitely get an "A" for effort.

  5. I think they looked pretty good. Very fun project.



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