May 24, 2012


A lot of things have changed since I was little.  I mean, A LOT!  Many of those things are fabulous advances, hello, GPS?  But sometimes all our technology gets in they way, in the way of taking the time to really see the world around you, smelling the roses etc, and for many people it is taking away the quality time spent with family.  But with Hasbro's The Game of Life: zAPPed Edition, you can have the best of both worlds.  With this new version of an old favorite new technology meets good ole fashioned family game time.  I remember spending many Friday nights playing Life with my mom when I was little.  It was fun and was way quicker than the other money collecting board game.  Now a new generation can fall in love with The Game of Life while using the technology they love too.  If you have an iPad, you'll simply need to purchase THE GAME OF LIFE: zAPPed Edition and then download the free app.  (You can download the free app without the game...but it won't do you any good.) Once you have your game and the app, you're ready to start.  You'll still pick a car (a real car token just like the old ones) and a blue or pink peg.  But you'll also get to customize your virtual peg too.  Once everyone has created their pegs, you'll spin to see who goes first.  And just like always you'll be posed with the question....get a job right away or go to college.  In the zAPPed Edition you'll be given three choices of careers.  And you'll also get two other opportunities to make choices about your life path.  Along the way you'll get to watch videos from American Funniest Video's celebrating those special life moments such as your graduation, wedding etc.  My kids LOVE AFV so this is fun part for them as well.  Along the way you'll see many good fortunes and misadventures similar to those you'll remember from the old game. But you'll be using a virtual spinner, watching video clips and the APP doesn't let you have more kids than you car can hold.  (I can't be the only one who ever had to use a second car to hold all my kids back in the old days, can I?)

This game is listed for 8 year olds and up but my 4 year old plays along just fine as long as there is a qualified banker to help him with the money.  At the end of the game everyone adds the quantity of each denomination bill (and loan) they have acquired and the APP credits your special token values and money for each baby and shows you the final results.  This is a quick and easy play that I think is perfect for the whole family.  We regularly play it together and have a ton of fun. 

Note: I do let me kids play with my iPad under very strict supervision but the pads on the board seem to do well to hold the iPad in place and we've had NO issues with the safety of this expensive piece of technology!

Product Description:

A family gaming experience like never before With THE GAME OF LIFE: zAPPed Edition, you can enjoy a whole new way to play! Add your iPad to the unique gameboard for a truly interactive family experience. The free app brings your game to life as you move around the board. You still get to move your car from space to space and select your path to retirement, but now you spin, get paid, sue other players and make important decisions all on your iPad. Don’t want to be just a plain peg? Go ahead and customize your peg character and add a peg-sessory!
Quick to set up, easy to play No assembly necessary! Just download the free app, hand out cars and cash, place your iPad on the board and you’re ready to go. Just follow the on-screen instructions and move your car around the board.
Exclusive multimedia content Real life is full of funny moments and so is THE GAME OF LIFE: zAPPed Edition. Land on app spaces to unlock more than 100 hilarious clips from America’s Funniest Home Video. Find out if these videos bring you good fortune or bad luck.
Includes gameboard, 4 car movers, 52 pegs, money pack, 4 rubber pads, Quick Start Guide. iPad not included but required to play the game.
For 2 to 4 Players
Ages 8 and up

Disclosure: We received a complimentary copy of this game for review purposes from Hasbro.  All opinions expressed are my own honest, personal feedback. I have not been compensated for a positive review.


  1. Hey, I just poste my review for this as well - what a coincidence! I like the new version so much more than the old one - less pieces to get lost or broken :P

  2. I would love this game!! we play old style Life and def would love to test this version out! Thanks for sharing it.


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