May 25, 2012

Our Priceless Experience Thanks to MasterCard's #CubsPledge

Last week I had the extreme pleasure of taking my oldest son, Timmy, for a day at Wrigley Field that we'll never forget. He has been in love with baseball since before he was two. He's been playing officially for six seasons now. He dreams of taking the field someday as a Cubs MLB player. But I'm not sure I could be anymore proud, even if that does happen, than I was spending the day with him last week.

I've been trying to put the experience into words but really, I simply can not find the words to express what truly amazing it was. And if the preplanned events of the day that included fielding and batting practice with the Cubs coaches wasn't enough, luck seemed to be following Timmy that day. He found $10 on the street outside of the field, with some help from Tricia's son who kindly gave the money he grabbed to Timmy too. The as we waited at the gate to get into the stadium that evening, Timmy was stopped and asked if he'd want to go on the field AGAIN to watch batting practice. This gave him the opportunity to collect Reed Johnson from the Cubs and several Phillies players autographs.

We had amazing seats and stayed for the entire game which came down to the very last out...for a moment we thought Reed Johnson might get the winning hit, how cool would that have been. In the end their last inning rally fell one run short of tying it up. But man was it an exciting last inning. I mean, maybe not as exciting as when I caught my first pop fly ON the field earlier that day, but pretty darn close.

This was truly a priceless experience and we can not thank MasterCard enough for the opportunity.  Check out a few of our photos from this amazing day!

Disclosure: We were given this priceless experience courtesy of MasterCard but all opinions expressed are my own honest, personal feedback.


  1. I have to admit that I am all teary eyed for your son. I know how much he enjoyed this, and this is an experience he'll never forget!

  2. sounds like such an amazing day!

  3. What a great experience and memories!!

  4. Sounds like you had a great time!


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