May 10, 2012

Sesame Street LIVE: Elmos Super Heros

Elmo and my little Elmo Fan. 
That little cutie pie over there...the one that ISN'T furry, he can be a real maniac, but for the most part is a very patient little man who regularly spends hours each week sitting somewhere while his brothers do their thing.  So I was exstatic when I won tickets to see Sesame Street LIVE Elmo's Super Heros.  I knew he'd enjoy the show.  But I didn't expect him to be so totally engrossed in it, to be thanking my multiple times a day for taking him, even days after the show.

I think it was partly do to knowing it was something special, for him, that he brothers had to sit through.  (Though truth be told they didn't hate it at all. But sshh don't tell their friends that.) But mostly I think it was because it was just a really fun show. We have been our fair share of productions over the last few years and as far as those targeted specifically for preschoolers, this was the highest quality I've seen.  The set was amazing, the sound was perfect.  The show as just terrific.

It didn't hurt that the helped create a fabulous atmosphere from the moment you enter the door with fun scenes to take photos in, to a coloring table and a small show area where the cast performed a few songs before the auditorium doors opened.
He kept mentioning a scary purple monster.  It wasn't until after I saw this shot that it occurred to me that THIS was what he was talking about.  He is NOT a fan of the Count's laugh...even when his dad does it! LOL
The stage before the show started.

Elmo is by fan Bryan's favorite but he loved bumbling Super Grover too, and Grover is MY personal favorite Sesame Street resident.

There were so many different scenes.  The staging was awesome.  The story was engaging for my four year old.  But it also had a tiny little one (maybe a year old if that) in the row in front of us dancing on her mom's lap like crazy!

I won these tickets but was not required in anyway to share with my readers about the show. I just genuinely thought it was a great show that made for some fun photos to share. If you want to find out more about a Sesame Street Live production near you visit the site here.

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  1. I'm with him. The Count is not a favorite of mine, but I'd still love the show. My favorite Sesame Street character is Grover, mostly because I can talk like him.;)


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