Jun 25, 2012

2012 Race Across America

SenseAware® powered by FedEx, a comprehensive tracking and monitoring service integrated with a powerful web-based application, provides real-time data about customer shipments.  Customers can stay connected to their shipments by viewing vital statistics such as current location, temperature, barometric pressure, relative humidity and light sensitivity.
    • Sense Aware service is available to customers in all industries such as healthcare and life sciences, aerospace, the arts, financial institutions and more—who can benefit from this added level of visibility and monitoring. The service is especially valuable for companies who ship high-value, highly sensitive products.  
With SenseAware, you can:
    • Customize alerts so you and invited participants can receive notification of changes in location or environmental data.
    • Save valuable time and resources by making well-informed decisions faster.
    • View and share your shipments' vital signs securely — with organizations or individuals.
    • Collaborate with others when presented with unforeseen situations and take immediate action with a FedEx® intervention service.
  • The Ohio CycleWorks team, features one of their team members, Scott Garchar (board member of Ohio CycleWorks Charities). Log on to www.senseaware.tumblr.com to view the Ohio CycleWorks’ RAAM journey.
    • A SenseAware device will travel with Garchar and the team throughout the entire race, which kicks off on June 16 from Oceanside, California and ends in Annapolis, Maryland between June 21-25.  The device will be linked to the web-based platform providing near real-time GPS location and environmental conditions.
  • This team is racing for a great cause! The Ohio CycleWorks bike team is raising money for the Akron Children’s Hospital. FedEx Custom Critical is happy to be a proud supporter of the Akron Children's Hospital and the Ohio CycleWorks team.
    • This charity makes for a natural fit for SenseAware® because it allows healthcare providers to monitor critical shipments, the kind that can help save the lives of the very children that Ohio CycleWorks is riding to support.
    • For more information about the Ohio CycleWorks Charities or to donate to their cause, visit their website at http://ohiocycleworkscharities.org/.

Why This Partnership

Scott Garchar, a member of the Ohio CycleWorks bike team, has worked with FedEx Custom Critical for more than a decade. FedEx Custom Critical specializes in the transport of high-value, time-critical freight, and they use devices like SenseAware℠ for customers whose shipments require temperature-control, special care in handling, or secure transportation of their products.
Sponsored by FedEx Custom Critical, Scott’s Ohio CycleWorks bike team is participating in the 2012 Race Across America (RAAM) to raise money for the Akron Children’s Hospital. On their journey they are showcasing SenseAware℠ powered by FedEx.
It’s a great opportunity to raise awareness of a great product
SenseAware℠ allows customers to monitor critical shipments—like the kind that can help save the lives of the very children that Ohio CycleWorks is riding to support. SenseAware℠ provides real-time data, including vital statistics about the shipment such as current location, temperature, barometric pressure, relative humidity and light sensitivity. Learn more about SenseAware℠.
It’s a worthy cause
Akron Children’s Hospital’s pediatric services draw more than 600,000 patient visits each year, and include children, teens and adults from across the country and around the world.
Ranked a Best Children’s Hospital overall, Akron Children’s earned special rankings by US News & World Report in the specialties of neonatology and pediatric nephrology, orthopedics and pulmonary medicine.

As a kid, I spent one night a week all summer watching my father and his friends race at a bicycle track.  I watched many an hour of the Tour de France along side with him as well.  Though I never got into cycling myself I have always had an appreciation of of the sport.  And who hasn't been inspired but Lance Armstrong. So it was cool to 'watch' the Race Across America via the SenseAware site. The technology with SenseAware is really cool.  Although we are regularly shipped stuff at my full time job, its very rarely anything sensitive enough to require the detailed reporting that SenseAware provides but I could easily see how beneficial it could be in some industries.  Personally, I want to be able to track my KIDS this way? Watch their route, and the temperature where they are.  My middle son is at camp this week so I'd love to be able to check out what he does during the day.  And I know that in many fields, your product sort of becomes your baby and SenseAware allows you to make sure that it is in a safe environment while it travels to its new home.  If your company works with a highly sensitive, high value product, check out SenseAware and get automatic updates from your product.  It's kind of like getting letters from camp the new high tech way.

I received compensation from FedEx for covering the use of SenseAware® technology during the 2012 Race Across America. My ideas and opinions relayed in this blog post and any related Twitter discussions are the my own and are not provided by FedEx or its affiliates and subsidiaries.


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